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Development of mobile power supply
- May 08, 2015 -

With the rapid development of the global economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, portable electronics are more and more, such as laptops, Tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4,

GPS, thermal equipment, healthcare equipment, and so on.

They all used batteries, but these original battery as the battery capacity is low and do not meet the normal use of the equipment. When these devices work when you travel or tourism peak, regular battery without electricity at critical moments, especially when the phone is on the phone, digital camera photos, PSP game when played in full swing, PDA is working, and so on, makes you feel very helpless and powerless. You can't treat every device is equipped with a backup battery is not only costly and inconvenient. Based on this, to solve people's worry about this problem, power came into being.