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USB Hubs Increase The Flexibility Of The Computer
- Jun 09, 2017 -

USB hub, gives us a convenience, increased the flexibility of the computer,

The hub is an extension of the number of electronic components, it can expand the number of computers to solve the problem of computer interface is not enough, most of the hub can be an interface on the computer extended to 4-5 USB interface, which can Greatly increase the number of available interfaces, even if you want to use one of the storage device data copied to the other three storage devices which do not need to be secondary operations, USB Hub only one-time copy of the data to the other three devices that can.

Most of the USB hub is very easy to use, and its main interface is a standard USB interface, and its computer corresponding to the USB interface can be connected to complete the operation, if you want to copy the data and Data, you can directly use the data cable to the storage device and the hub of the interface above the connection, USB Hub this time the computer will automatically identify the storage device on the street hub, until the success of the read, you can on the storage device on the relevant space and Related content to operate, USB Hub and hubs greatly facilitate our data transfer, reducing the complexity of the operation.

Hub recommended, the current market is very much hub, Xiaobian here for everyone to recommend two simple bar it Product Type and Location: Hub, Electronic Storage Auxiliary Equipment Product Category: HUB Equipped with the number of interfaces Size: Interface Power supply Type and mode: Each power supply can reach up to mA Support Operating system type: 98> 2000, XP, or higher interface Type: Fully compatible interface.

Reference price: ¥ 26 is also very small electronic auxiliary equipment, but for us to use the computer, the role is very great.

USB hub use method

1, USB-HUB is to provide extended communication equipment, USB Hub if the Hub is not connected to external power supply can drive 2.5-inch mobile hard drive mainly to see the computer expansion port power supply capacity!

2, the general 2.5-inch mobile hard drive need to be powered by a computer or Hub, 3.5-inch mobile hard drive need to be equipped with a special power supply; please do not directly connect the kind of equipment;

3, do not take the case of external power supply: a computer USB port to provide the current is about 500MA, can barely enough for a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive, and then part of the USB-Hub consumption is not enough 2.5-inch mobile hard disk of.

4, a lot of compatible chassis front USB port, due to more than a transfer, coupled with wire and other material problems, power supply capacity is even worse; very likely to cause mobile hard disk can not use or even lose data, damage to the hard disk;

5, if your mobile hard drive issued a "blah" sound, is due to lack of power caused; for your mobile hard disk, it is recommended that the best USB-Hub to the back of the chassis integrated USB port to ensure better Contact and power supply

6, the use of mobile hard drive, please use the original with the usb power supply line. USB Hub Ordinary usb line, fine line, loss, can not meet the power supply needs!