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About The Best Wireless Speaker
- Mar 06, 2018 -

What to look for in a wireless speaker

Portability can be a winner for many buyers. Some speakers are more versatile than others. Nifty speakers like the M1 are light and portable. However, if you want a quality wireless home sound system you might want to look for a set of Sonos.

Battery life is also an important for a portable speaker. Cheaper Bluetooth speakers may last ten hours or less, but pricier models can have seriously long lasting battery life.

Other factors to consider include connectivity - checking you have the right ports and connections like Bluetooth; waterproofing if you want to take your speakers on holiday or to Glastonbury, and voice control. 

The best Bluetooth speakers



These larger speakers offer 360-degree sound and enhanced battery life compared to its little brother the M1. Coming in at seven inches tall, the M20 is small and portable and has the water resistance and drop proofing that make it a perfect holiday or festival companion.

Battery life is also impressive, clocking in at close to 15 hours with a two and a half hour charge time. You can also pair up to eight devices via Bluetooth with two sources connected simultaneously if you want to collaborate on your playlist. Not only that they sound brilliant and have become the go-to choice to portable music on the go.