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Basic Parameters Of Wireless Speaker
- Jul 06, 2017 -

The main purpose of wireless loudspeakers is to provide a loudspeaker device that can be conveniently fixed in the classroom according to the teaching needs. Its characteristic is: The wireless loudspeaker also includes the cylindrical and the bottom closed shell, opens in the shell the channel, Wireless Speaker its fixed has the solar energy plate, the plate's cable line is introduced in the shell by the above channel, the shell end face is the circular plank, the central part is a penetrating network, the wireless speaker body and the wireless speaker drive circuit are fixed in the enclosure, and the solar Panel control and conversion circuit and FM receiving circuit are fixed, Wireless Speaker and the signal output end of the FM receiving circuit is connected to the signal input of the wireless speaker driving circuit. The solar panel control and conversion circuit provide the working power for the circuit respectively; the bottom of the enclosure is connected with a rubber vacuum suction chuck, which is provided with a vacuum suction hole through the suction chuck surface. The wireless loudspeaker can adjust the position of the wireless speaker as needed, so as to facilitate classroom teaching.

Streaming media music in this form more and more consumers welcome, together with the wireless Bluetooth wireless speakers are popular. Sony has always cultivated a lot in this category. Last year, we brought the experience of srs-x11, srs-x33, and srs-x55 three wireless Bluetooth wireless speakers.

However, the three models are positioned in portable, low-end. Wireless Speaker For some high-end consumers, the three little brother is not enough fun, so high-end srs-x99 play a role.

Some basic parameters

Maximum effective output power: approx. 154W

Maximum communication range of 10m

7 Unit wireless loudspeaker system from low frequency to high frequency

Equipped with $number mm subwoofer, double passive diaphragm

Transmission bandwidth hz–20000 Hz (with 1 khz sampling rate)/Hz-40000 Hz (LDAC $number khz sampling rate, $number kbps)

Support SongPal link feature

Size: approx. 430x133x125 mm

Weight: $number g