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Charging Po Greatly Facilitates The User
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Charging Po usually designed for lightweight, compact, easy to carry, to facilitate the use of mobile. Charger to charge the treasure full of electricity, you can charge for your digital products four or five times, with the appropriate connector connected to your digital device or directly connected with USB cable portable device, Power Bank rechargeable treasure after automatic detection or simple The switch begins to power or charge your digital device. The general charge of the treasure are a lighting function, which greatly facilitates the user.

Charging Po is a set of power supply and charging functions in one of the portable charger, you can give mobile phones and other digital devices anytime, anywhere charging or standby power supply. Generally by the lithium batteries or batteries as a storage unit. Different from the product configuration inside the battery, Power Bank also known as external battery. Usually with large capacity, multi-purpose, small size, Power BankPower Bank

long life and safe and reliable features, is anytime, anywhere for the general function of mobile phones, PDA and smart phones and other digital products, power supply or standby charge function.

1 charge treasure is actually used to emergency battery, in time for mobile phones and other digital products life.

2 Charging Po can be divided into two types of plugs and plugs without plugs, Power Bank comes with AC plugs Charger Po can be charged in the place where there is a need for data lines to charge the charge, it is generally best to use the original data cable Charge the charge.

3 general charge treasure is a automatic switch function, so charge the charger to charge without manually open the switch, the charging process will be red light long, full of power will be green after the long light

4 rechargeable treasure will have a single USB output and dual USB output, a single USB output are generally 1A output current, just to meet the phone's charging needs; dual USB charging Po 1A output can meet most of the phone charging needs, 2A output to meet the Tablet PC and other digital products. Note: Dual USB simultaneous output current is generally 1A

5 rechargeable treasure capacity of different sizes, Power Bank large capacity charge to give the phone the number of times the phone will naturally be more expensive, the price will naturally be more expensive, so in the purchase of treasure when the treasure should be set according to their own needs. A sub-price of goods on the charge of Po Po is also the same.

6 on the new charge charge: the current market, Power Bank most of the rechargeable batteries, no memory effect, so do not need to be in the first 3 times the full charge and discharge, the latter part of the process can be used in accordance with their own habits, at any time charge and discharge, Power Bank Does not affect the battery life, long-term use, it is recommended to remove the battery from the device, placed in a dry environment at room temperature.