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Charging Po Has Intelligent Protection
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Charging Po charging time how long

Speaking of mobile power, we had to introduce the concept of charging charge time. This does not mean that the mobile power to the phone device charging time, but the power to the mobile power charging time. Here is an algorithm, with the capacity of the mobile power divided by the charging current, and then divided by a 0.8 conversion factor, the time is basically the charging time. For example, a capacity of 5000 mA mobile power, with a 1A charger to charge, according to the above algorithm, about 6 hours can be filled.

In the choice of mobile power, it should pay attention to the charging time, even if the use of the day during the day, if more than 8 hours, it is difficult to match with the modern habit of living in the morning and found that last night plug in the mobile power even Charge, Power Bank this is a very uncomfortable thing.

How to charge the charge

If it is a general charge of mobile phones and the like digital products, then the ordinary 1A current output mobile power has been completely enough, but if the iPad if the need for more than 2A current, or even connected to the device will show Not in charge, the user can choose according to their own situation.

1A output current: the mainstream mobile power is generally a USB charging jack, and 5000 mA or even even if the product will be equipped with two or even more USB interface. The biggest advantage of doing so is to be able to charge multiple devices at the same time, so as to achieve the purpose of saving time. However, Power Bank this will also have drawbacks, such as multi-port equipment at the same time, each interface can not reach the declared current output indicators, the decline is necessary. This is the mobile power supply circuit and the quality of its own have a higher demand, the user needs to pay attention to the selection of the purchase.

Adjustable output current: It should be noted that the above mentioned USB charging port output current is basically 1A, which means that such a mobile power is not the iPad and other high current products charge, so the charge current adjustable Of the mobile power came into being. Power Bank Such a mobile power supply is generally standard with a number of charge output, and the output current of each output will be marked in the obvious location, such as 1A, 2A and other words, the user can choose according to their actual use needs. In addition, there is a single port output, a variety of current and voltage adjustable mobile power, because such products are expensive, bulky, Power Bank the weight is also difficult to accept, the average user is difficult to encounter in use, so we have a pass.

With different current output jack for the same phone charging the pros and cons

Advantages: Lithium battery charge cut-off threshold is calculated by the voltage, with different current output jack for the same phone charging, will only get faster charging speed, Power Bank the other parts of the phone has no effect, but will not damage the phone The

Charger Po to charge the phone to disconnect the reasons

Many users reflect the purchase of the charge to the phone charging charge, charge for a while to disconnect, and this situation, in general, with the quality of mobile power, mainly in the following factors:

1, rechargeable Po output voltage is not enough. This is determined according to the charging principle, must be high voltage to low voltage, the phone is generally 3.7V, mobile power lithium battery is 3.7V, this is flat, so the mobile power supply voltage, will be boosted to 5V , Thus generating a high voltage flow to a low voltage and charging.

2, rechargeable charge output current strength is not enough. We test some mobile power when the above nominal 800mAh discharge, but sometimes can not be discharged in this specification, the current intensity is not enough when this phenomenon occurs, and the voltage is closely related to the most fundamental or lithium battery quality is not So good.

3, and the phone itself. Mobile phone resistance may be too large, in fact, the possibility of this situation is very small. Just mentioned here.

4, and mobile power PCBA protection board. In the first point mentioned, the protection board to play over the charge and discharge function, as well as an MCU, this is used to boost, if the quality of the protection board is not good, when the current through the unstable To PCBA sabotage, Power Bank and then lead to rechargeable treasure can not charge, the occurrence of the above situation.

With overheating protection, overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, cycle protection and other intelligent protection, to match the market most of the phone.

Travel must bring a large capacity charge Po, to different devices for intelligent frequency;

Guard against the explosion of small knowledge of the explosion

It is best not to charge when charging, charge a good time before charging, control the charging time, to their own phone set an alarm, after charging a few hours, the bell to remind themselves to reduce the control of electricity caused by the failure of the probability of explosion The

Charging Po is also a very squeamish, on the ventilation, room temperature, dry case, not in the overheated, humid environment to use and save. Do not touch the fire, do not sun exposure, some very harsh environment please avoid.

Choose the charger is very critical, do not go to Taobao to buy some cheap but very large capacity of the charger, a look is fake, or quality is not guaranteed, Power Bank to some high-quality charger provider official website, or flagship store to buy regular Chargers, a penny of goods, the sky point of the pie thing, very little, do not whimsical.

In the usual more attention to the appearance, and sometimes there are some abnormalities please do not use, immediately replace, do not feel bad, throw the throw, there is a drum phenomenon, it is best not to use. Try to replace.

Usually on the charger good point, do not use the brutal way to put pressure on it, usually pay attention not to heavy pressure, fall, strong shock, so as not to cause short circuit phenomenon, so she appeared in the short circuit when the charge burned the danger of detonation.

Use the number of times to charge the baby not too frequent, charge discharge should not be too frequent, too often will shorten the life expectancy, and will increase the risk of danger.

Charge the head as much as possible with the original, or buy the same parameters of the charging head. Charging Po is the same, especially when charging, to use the same parameters of the charging line, adapter.