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Charging Po To Meet The Needs Of Users
- May 19, 2017 -

Charging Po is a set of power supply and charging functions in one of the portable charger, you can give mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital devices anytime, Power Bank anywhere charge. Generally by the lithium batteries (or dry batteries, less common) as a storage unit, easy to use.

Charging Po is a device that can charge a mobile device directly and has its own storage unit, providing more power. As the popularity of smart phones, and more power, Power Bank so the need for mobile power to provide users with more adequate power. Currently on the market of functional charging Po, are configured standard USB output, the basic to meet the market common mobile devices mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headset, digital cameras and other digital products, charging needs.

The reason why the volume can be reduced to such a small, because the introduction of a new battery technology, not only to provide 9 heavy circuit protection, but also to enhance the charge and discharge efficiency.

Charging Po from a number of blocks of energy from the combination of together, not only looks novel and chic, and very fun, full of fun. The fuselage is equipped with a liquid crystal display, can accurately display the remaining power situation. Each block of energy are 2600mAh nominal power, can be superimposed together to expand the overall capacity to meet the needs of different users of electricity needs.

The emergence of charging treasure, at this stage will undoubtedly ease the use of intelligent terminal power shortage problem, mobile power easy to carry, Power Bank mobile features brought us a great convenience. Mobile power is now a portable product, in ensuring the capacity of the product on the basis of how to reduce the size of the product, so that the product more miniaturization, easy to carry mobile power appearance is one of the trend of technological innovation! Second, how to use the advanced industrial design concept, and even the humanistic concept used in mobile power design, so that mobile power feel more comfortable, more fashionable, but also mobile power technology innovation trend.

Charger Po built-in charging line of mobile power. Mobile power For users, in addition to being able to charge for digital products, users also need to pursue mobile power portability. So the built-in charging line of mobile power came into being, with built-in charging line, Power Bank the user can no longer be found in the charging line and adapter and worry. Only set is still a built-in three-in-one mobile power appearance patent and utility model patent certificate. This built-in triple-play mobile phone product built-in Apple charging line, MICRO charging line and MINI charging line, compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones on the market.

With LED lighting and charging with the charge of the treasure, this charge is currently on the market the most common treasure. The advantage is that this type of mobile power capacity, but also with LED light in the case of light dark lighting, very suitable for professional external power supply.

Power Bank Joined the thermistor and temperature control mechanism to ensure that the lithium battery in a safe temperature range of work.