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How To Improve The Safe Use Of Power Bank
- May 25, 2018 -

For some of the security issues that people use power bank, can be greatly improved in some small details. The power bank supply is just like an ordinary battery. It can be said that it is safe to use, but doing some reverse operations will still damage the power bank supply, and in serious cases it will explode. So we have to operate normally. Here's how to use the power bank correctly to improve the security:

1.A reasonable charge

Be sure to ensure the stability of the voltage when charging, and do not touch the stimulation of the current, the summary is to a reasonable charging environment.

2.Careful storage

Do not place the power bank supply in a humid place. In that environment, it is easy to be damaged. In addition, it should not be squeezed, especially in the case of charging, otherwise there is a high possibility of explosion. There is no exposure to high temperatures or exposure to the sun.

3.Not available fire

It is very dangerous to burn power bank with fire. Most of the current power bank sources have protective measures, but they will still be useless when they encounter water. In case of a fire explosion, we must understand this.

Improve the safety of power bank, so that everyone can use power bank more reliable.