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Introduction To Mobile Power
- Dec 01, 2013 -

Mobile power, also called "external battery", "external battery", "battery", "digital charging companion", "charged Bao" and "mobile power" the concept is that the digital product popularity and rapid growth and development of, the definition is: easy to carry portable power supply. For digital products feature increasingly diverse, the use of more frequent, more and more closely associated with our daily life and how to improve the use of digital products, facilitate people's lives, the importance of time to add power, play its full role is all the more urgent. Mobile power, is the best solution to solve this problem, carry a mobile power supply, you can recharge anytime, anywhere for a variety of digital products. Mobile power mainly depends on the quality of the energy conversion rate of about 80%, common at about 70~75%, even with poor 30%, such as conversion rate of less than 75% it means moving large power line losses, the calorific value of the cell itself.

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