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Precautions For Use Of Mini Speakers
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1.It is the use environment.

Try not to place it in direct sunlight, and do not place heavy objects on top of the Wireless speaker to avoid deformation of the casing. Also pay attention to the ambient temperature of the portable Bluetooth stereo, the normal ambient temperature of the general audio equipment should be 18 °C ~ 45 °C, the temperature is too low will reduce the sensitivity of certain components such as tube machine.

2.Is the volume adjustment.

When using portable Bluetooth audio to enjoy music, to avoid the boot when you turn the volume of the audio to the maximum, just turned on when the audio components have not gone through the warm-up phase, the larger volume will make it in an instant Working at full capacity, causing damage to components, which in the long run will invalidate some of the internal fragile sound components.