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Rechargeable Treasure Compatibility Strong
- Jul 19, 2017 -

Rechargeable treasure for digital electronic equipment life, to remove the electronic products outside the trouble of electricity.

Refers to a device that can charge a mobile device directly and has its own storage unit. The current market main category multi-function rechargeable Bao, basic configuration of the standard USB output, basic to meet the current market common mobile devices mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headset, Power Bank digital cameras and other digital products.

The characteristics of rechargeable treasure are those

First: Large capacity, the biggest disadvantage of all the intelligent machine can not speech is the power consumption, battery capacity. Power Bank And the bigger the screen, the worse it gets. The reason why the smartphone power supply is insufficient, the root cause is because the current digital product too pursues the appearance,

This makes the size of the battery smaller, Power Bank and correspondingly reduces the capacity of the battery.

Second: The use of a wide range, rechargeable treasure can not only for mobile phones and laptop computer charges, but also through the USB interface for other mobile devices to charge, because now the market basic all mobile products are used USB interface, all rechargeable treasure can almost all digital products charge.

Third: small size, charge the volume of the treasure is relatively small, of course, Power Bank this is relative to the mobile phone, usually the size of the battery and the size of the battery is proportional to the volume.

Four: Long life, charging the life of the treasure more than the phone built-in power several times, the main reason is because the mobile phone built-in power charging law is not uniform, Power Bank often see the power supply, so the damage to the phone power is very big.

Rechargeable Treasure Advantages:

Easy to carry (many only cigarette box size)

Strong compatibility (for most digital products with portable devices such as mobile phones. $literal Camera Tablet PC handheld game consoles, etc.)

High capacity (on-market charge PO capacity ranging from thousands of to tens of thousands of.) Travel, outdoor travel, etc. enough to provide enough time for the equipment.

Easy to use: It is more convenient than ordinary cell phone battery. Power Bank The battery can be connected directly to the charge without shutting down the machine

Other features: A lot of rechargeable treasure is now on the market equipped with LED flashlight. There are also some card slots with NIC. WiFi launch function