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Rechargeable Treasure Is A Necessary Product For Home Travel
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Rechargeable treasure with a general cell phone charger or computer USB jack can be charged.

Now rechargeable treasure is already home travel essential goods, can be at any time to let the battery of the phone full of blood to revive. and the market on the charge of the model, the brand is very many, in addition to mobile phone manufacturers, Power Bank there are a variety of third-party accessories. In general, these regular manufacturers of the production of rechargeable treasure is very reliable security.

Charge the internal structure of the treasure, mainly by lithium batteries, protection circuit and PCB circuit board, and a mobile phone charge of the pros and cons of these two parts. From the use of the two, the main use of batteries is to store capacity and provide electricity, the advantages and disadvantages of the battery is difficult to distinguish from the surface, Power Bank and no one can be sure that the different brands between the core must have a huge difference in quality, unless taking a long time to test the core aging. and PCB circuit board responsibility is greater, circuit board to be responsible for mobile phone charge of the actual conversion efficiency, a variety of protection mechanisms and output effects, you can say that the design of the circuit board directly determine the quality of the mobile phone charge. So if the a mobile phone charge BAO PCB circuit board used a better work and design, while the use of the electric core is also relatively excellent, and has a solid protection circuit, then the quality of this mobile phone charge is guaranteed.

Today, rechargeable treasure has become a mobile phone as indispensable as a piece of goods. Now the market is also full of various kinds of rechargeable treasure, Power Bank at the same time, we found that the charge of the security accident is more and more. So in the end how to distinguish the charge treasure in the end is not really, Ann is not safe. Small little series on my own two rechargeable treasure for the column, for everyone to tell what aspects can be judged authenticity.

1 Weight:

From the weight can be judged the authenticity of rechargeable treasure, because many of the counterfeit rechargeable treasure is a virtual standard of electricity, in order to do like that of the charging treasure, on purpose itself to do a relatively large, some of the filler material is more or no fill. On the small plait hand these two charge treasure, one is the real Rome genuine 10040 ma charge Treasure, Power Bank another is the claim 50000 Ma's certain false charge treasure. Take it in your hand, 50,000 ma is not 10,000 ma weight.

2 Light Transmission:

As mentioned above, because some charging treasure is pseudo, so some will have filler or no fill in it, because the fake charging treasure material is not how, so will be transparent. Can take the charge treasure to get a little darker place, with a flashlight on the charge treasure, Power Bank see whether the light can wear past, or with the flashlight on the phone function is also possible.

3 Texture: Different charging treasure is different, some good will use fire-retardant plastic. and shoddy charging treasure material will be relatively poor, general plastic materials, Power Bank easy to deformation, not dirty, but also has a strong reflective effect.

4 Way of charging line:

Now everywhere has been spread to the USB Plug and smart phone charger plug. And on the small part of the two charge treasure can be seen, the shoddy charge of charging the mouth incredibly is actually a former old-fashioned form of a charge head, this is a clear error, it can be judged its shoddy.

5 price and electrical capacity matching:

As the saying goes, a penny a penny, buy the charge of the treasure, it still depends on the price you pay. On the current market, the general 10000 Ma around the charge of the treasure about 60 to 80 dollars, the other also big similar to the court. And I this so-called 50000 ma charge Treasure, that is, at the beginning of more than 60 pieces of money to buy, regret Ah, also hope that everyone should think of quit.