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Short Circuit Protection Of Power Bank
- May 25, 2018 -

  In 2018, the use of mobile power is becoming more and more widespread. The technology of mobile power plants is also becoming more and more mature. The safety performance of mobile power is also more important, especially the short-circuit protection of mobile power needs more attention. Let us now understand Short circuit protection of the mobile power.

  The short-circuit protection of the mobile power supply means that when a short-circuit occurs when the mobile power is output, the power supply is automatically disconnected and stops working. Strictly speaking, the short-circuit protection of the mobile power supply is also a kind of retention protection, and its principle is when the current When the set peak value is reached, the automatic stop of work is started and protection is provided.

  The protection generally adopted by mobile power plants produced by mobile power plants is divided into two types. One is the short circuit protection of the battery itself, and the other is that the software board controls the power input and output through the MCU to achieve short circuit protection, and some hardware board power supply Can only use the lithium battery IC for short circuit protection, in this case, after a short circuit, need to be activated to restore normal use, the activation method is very simple, is to use the charger to recharge the mobile power activation, for the software board The mobile power supply will generally have dual protection. When a short circuit occurs, the MCU will first make a judgment and issue a protection signal. Under special conditions, the lithium protection IC will also provide protection. After this short-circuit protection of the mobile power supply, In general, the short-circuit load or button can be removed normally, and it can be restored naturally. It does not need to be recharged to activate. It is more convenient to use.