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The Charge Treasure Relieved The Electronic Product To Have No Electricity The Troubl
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Rechargeable treasure is a lithium-ion battery storage device, through the IC chip voltage control, and then by connecting the power cord charging or storage can then release the stored electricity.

Rechargeable Treasure Advantages: For the digital electronic equipment life, to remove the electronic products outside the trouble of electricity.

Charging treasure itself is set up by the shell kit, control circuit board (including sockets, LED lights), rechargeable batteries (electric core), electronic wire four parts of the main members. Power Bank There must be a matching charge line to work.

Rechargeable treasure and mobile phone, mostly with 3.7V Lithium battery as the core. Rechargeable treasure formerly Power Bank, is the meaning of the library. Charge the rechargeable batteries first, Power Bank then transfer the energy of the savings to the cell phone batteries or to the small appliances that are directly plugged into the USB power.

Shell kits:

According to the charge of the function of different, some are LED lighting, some with lanyard, there are different habits of the indicator light, core capacity, material shape and so on, Power Bank a wide variety of shells. Most importantly, these shell component materials should be flame retardant and non-conductive.

Control Board Section:

Charging PO Charging input is 5V DC, the city products are mostly adopted linear charging circuit plus full automatic power-off protection circuit. The output is reversed and will charge the core average of 3.7V working voltage, boost to 5V output operating voltage. The output circuit is a 5V constant voltage and has a short-circuit and overload protection circuit. Charging and discharging circuits currently have many power management chips to choose from. The control Board also must have the lamp control line, generally uses the simple monolithic integrated circuit or the special chip to complete. The LED lamps used for lighting are mostly small power, Power Bank in series A current limiting resistor can be. The most important part of the control Panel is the efficiency of charging, discharging safety protection circuit and boosting parts. The power conversion efficiency of the charging PO of the city to 5V is 80% to more than 90%, and the step-up conversion efficiency directly affects the temperature rise of the circuit board and the conversion of the effective capacity of the charging treasure to the mobile phone. Charging the actual conversion rate of the opponent's electromechanical core is about 60%, Power Bank the difference of the boost circuit will cause the conversion rate of less than 50%.

Electric Core:

Mainly lithium polymer batteries and 18650 size cylindrical lithium battery two kinds. Lithium Polymer battery is a whole, the shape of many flat rectangular. The use of lithium polymer batteries can make the charge Bao shape is thinner, not accidental explosion. 18650 Battery monomer has many different capacity, the production should be based on the battery cell capacity in parallel with the number of batteries, Power Bank to form a charge of the whole core capacity; The advantage is that the cost is low, a high cost-effective battery, can be composed of different capacity of the charge Bao.

Electronic Wire:

The large current bearing capacity of the discharge is considered in connection with the conductor connected to the control circuit board. In addition to the short service life of the wire, it is possible for accidental ignition. 18650 batteries are generally used in parallel with nickel or nickel-plated iron sheet, Power Bank and need to be completed with spot welding equipment. In the positive part of the battery, pay attention to the insulation safety of nickel and circular anode.

The production process includes the aging process according to each unit's own condition adjustment, Power Bank the factory charge Bao to retain some electricity, lest the electric core air power too long and damage.