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Tips For Using Rechargeable Treasure
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Charging Treasure Use note:

1, do not fall, knock or shake the charge treasure. Because users do not intend to beat the process of charging treasure produced a violent shaking, so that the internal structure of lithium battery dislocation, the lighter consequences are short circuit, more serious is the lithium battery spontaneous combustion, or even explode! This is more common in some circuit-controlled, poorly-made, on-chip charging treasures.

2, do not put the charge treasure into the water. Rechargeable treasure without waterproof design, if not carefully placed in the water or with a damp cloth for cleaning, it is easy to cause leakage, Power Bank short circuit or other faults. Users should take the rubber gloves picked up, remember in a hurry to salvage the charge treasure. The normal use of the charge treasure in the appearance is relatively dirty, you can wipe with dry cloth, Power Bank prohibit the use of chemicals, soap or detergent for cleaning work.

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain. Charging treasure ideal place should be dry, gentle environment, if the liquid is very tolerant because of electronic components and lines are corrosion and accidents! High temperatures will shorten the life of electronic devices, Power Bank damage batteries and make certain plastics obsolete. At the same time try to avoid cold outdoors or low temperature use. The general lithium-ion working temperature is 0-55 degrees Celsius. Low temperature will make the battery work unstable, the discharge is not sufficient. General Lithium ion battery working temperature is 0~35℃, usually use charge Bao emergency charge, Power Bank as far as possible to avoid the temperature too high or too low to use, low temperature will lead to inadequate discharge, the temperature is too high this time to shorten the battery life. Consumers should pay attention to the summer car inside not to place charge treasure, the northern winter warmer near the mouth, and so far away from all the heat source place!

4. Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or explosive products near the charging treasure. In inflammable and explosive liquid, gas or explosive storage, very easy to explode, Power Bank common is the shanzhai charge treasure. Good charger with safe, fast charging features

5. Only adapters that match the parameters of this product can be used. Rechargeable treasure is generally standard USB port, and we choose the international standard wire made of USB cable will be more secure. Power Bank Because the bad manufacturers will be in the USB wire cut corners to maximize profit, such wire makes the USB cable resistance too large and lead to charge time too long, and then shorten the cell phone service life. If this charge PO direct charging PCB circuit board, then we will be after the power to unplug the line, Power Bank to avoid the risk of overcharge. In addition, the charger is also a key place, the choice of reliable quality charger will not damage the charging treasure.

6. When unused, the charging treasure is placed in a dry place to avoid unnecessary short circuit contact with metallic materials. Avoid and metal materials in contact with the short circuit, especially in the pocket and bag inside, to pay attention to small pieces of metal into the USB export, Power Bank easy to cause a short circuit charge Po. Charging treasure in charge and discharge should pay attention to heat dissipation, so as to avoid heat caused by bad thermal charge, reduce the service life of charging Bao, resulting in damage, even spontaneous combustion or explosion and other dangers.

Use Secretary Bao to charge mobile phones, the pursuit of more convenient play

8, the charge treasure stored in the child is not easy to get the place, lest accident. Do not put the charge treasure in the child, children can contact the place, Power Bank in order to avoid unnecessary accidents, especially bear children or something, the most dangerous.

9, do not disassemble and use the damaged charge treasure. Even if you are a professional electronic player is also best not to disassemble and transform the charging treasure, because if you do not carefully dismantle the core, it is susceptible to electrolyte corrosion. The electrolyte is generally strong and decomposes after encountering water. Lithium battery electrolyte After the evaporation of the human body after the dissolution of the surface decomposition of lithium hydroxide, so that the human body discomfort, high concentrations may damage the eyes. In addition, the lithium-ion battery electrolyte is likely to explode as a result of rapid separation of heat when encountering a large amount of water. If the battery liquid is glued to the skin, rinse with water and contact the doctor immediately. Usually in the use of rechargeable treasure if found peculiar smell, perm, discoloration, deformation, leakage, Power Bank such as abnormal conditions, please stop using immediately!

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10. Generally speaking, the rated output voltage of the charge is 5 V, which should be controlled in the 5v±0.1V range, otherwise the partial 5V load can not be charged. When the user to the ipad or Samsung tablet computer charging, must choose to have the 5V/2A output of the rechargeable treasure, Power Bank because the use of 2A of the following output of the charge will lead to dissatisfaction and charging after the use of a short time, and must be in the shutdown state charge, otherwise may not be able to charge.

11, to charge the treasure when please keep the flat charging mode. There are two ways to recharge a charge: Plugged into a computer USB port and plugged into a home power supply, plug in the home power supply, because the charge of the transfer of the length of the connection is limited, so please do not plug in the wall on the socket, hanging the charge will lead to the charge of damage, the proposal to charge the treasure flat, plug in the multi-function wiring board socket charging!