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USB Flash Disk Security High Reliability
- Sep 13, 2017 -

A USB flash drive is a miniature high-capacity Removable Storage product that uses a USB interface without physical drives, and is connected to a computer via a USB interface for Plug and play. U disk is called first from the Netac technology production of a new storage equipment, known as "USB flash drive", USB Flash Drive using the USB interface to connect. USB flash drive connected to the computer USB interface, u disk data can be exchanged with the computer. And after the production of similar technology equipment due to NETAC has been patented, and can not be called "USB", and renamed homophonic "U Disk". Later, the U disk this title is easy to remember and thus widely known, is one of the mobile storage equipment.

The main role is to store data materials, USB Flash Drive through the efforts of enthusiasts and businessmen, the U disk has developed more functions: U-Disk encryption, start u disk, antivirus u disk, temperature U-disk and music u disk.

USB flash drives are also known as flash disks, flash drives, u disk.

USB Flash disk is a Universal Serial Bus USB interface without physical drive of the micro-high-capacity mobile storage products, it uses the storage medium for flash storage media (Flash Memory). The USB flash drive does not require additional drives, and drives and storage media are combined, so long as the USB interface on the computer is connected, it can store read and write data independently. USB Flash Drive can be used to store any format data file and easily exchange data between computers. USB Flash Disk volume is very small, very light weight, about 15 grams, especially suitable for carrying. There is no mechanical device in the USB flash drive, and the seismic performance is very strong. In addition, the USB flash disk also has moisture-proof non-magnetic, high and low temperature ( -40°c ~ +70°c) and other characteristics, security and reliability is very good. USB flash drives are easy to use, USB Flash Drive and any computer that supports the Windows 98/windows me/windows 2000/mac OS and Universal Serial Bus (USB) can use a USB flash drive, as follows:

1 plug the USB flash drive into the computer's Universal Serial bus USB interface;

2) The system will automatically identify and produce a removable disk (Windows 98 need to install the driver);

3 then you can use a USB flash drive just like a floppy disk or a hard disk.

USB Flash Drive Features

USB flash drives can be used to exchange data between computers. From the capacity, the capacity of USB flash drives from 16M to 2GB is optional, breaking the floppy drive 1.44M limitations. USB Flash Drive From the speed of reading and writing, USB flash drive using USB interface, read and write speed than floppy disk greatly improved. In terms of stability, the USB flash drive does not have a mechanical reading and writing device, USB Flash Drive to avoid the mobile hard disk easy to touch, fall and other causes of damage. Some styles USB flash disk has the function of encrypting and so on, make the user use more personalized. The USB flash drive is compact and easy to carry.

USB Flash Drive Features

A. Lightweight appearance

b. Large capacity

C. Easy to carry

D. Plug