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USB Flash Drive Is One Of The Mobile Storage Devices
- Oct 19, 2017 -

A USB flash drive is a new generation of storage devices that are based on a USB interface, with flash memory chips as storage media. The emergence of USB flash disk is a major breakthrough in the field of mobile storage technology, its small size, especially suitable for carry-on, can be anywhere, USB Flash Drive easy to exchange data, is the ideal mobile office and data storage Exchange products.

A USB flash drive is a miniature high-capacity Removable Storage product that uses a USB interface without physical drives, and is connected to a computer via a USB interface for Plug and play. The name of USB flash disk is originated from the NETAC technology production of a new storage equipment, known as "USB flash drive", USB Flash Drive using the USB interface to connect. USB flash drive is connected to the USB interface of the computer, the USB flash drive data can be exchanged with the computer. After the production of similar technology equipment due to NETAC has been patented, USB Flash Drive and can not be referred to as the "flash drive", and the homophonic "USB flash disk." Later, the USB flash drive is one of the mobile storage devices because it is easy to remember and therefore widely known.

USB flash disk use standard USB interface, capacity is generally between 32m~256m, the highest capacity has 2G of products, can be in a variety of mainstream operating systems and hardware platforms for large-capacity data storage and exchange. The market price of its low-end products has been close to the floppy drive, and many motherboards now support booting from USB memory and have more practical features. Generally speaking, USB flash disk has the incomparable advantage of floppy drive, which has the features of small size, complete function, safe and reliable use. USB Flash Drive But there are also not enough capacity to expand, the price is higher, in the Win98 and other parts of the operating system need to install drivers and other shortcomings.

The structure of the USB flash drive is basically composed of five parts: USB port, main control chip, Flash (Flash) chip, PCB backplane, enclosure package.

The basic working principle of USB flash disk is also simpler: USB port is responsible for connecting the computer, is the data input or output channel; The Master chip is responsible for the coordinated management of each component and the release of various action instructions, and the computer will recognize the USB flash disk as "removable disks", which is the "brain" of the USB flash drive. USB Flash Drive Flash chip and computer memory principle is basically the same, is the entity to save data, the characteristics of the data will not be lost after the blackout, can be long-term preservation; PCB Backplane is responsible for providing the corresponding processing data platform, and the components are connected together. After the USB flash drive is recognized by the operating system, the USB Removable Storage disk is included in the process after the user has released the action instruction of the data access.

At present, many brand manufacturers in the market known as the so-called "x-1" function of products in the sales, with Q, carry-on, anti-virus and other functions more do more, it is confusing, then whether "N-1" n The more the better?

In fact, the main function of USB flash disk is data storage, USB Flash Drive stable storage is not lost data is the most important, 90% of the users are actually only using this function. Next is the start and hardware encryption function, we should consider. While other functions such as carrying Q, email and so on are hype out of the concept, is nothing more than in the USB flash disk pre-installed Some of the implementation of a specific function of the software just, not much practical significance, USB Flash Drive but also unnecessary to occupy some valuable space. In fact, as long as you want, you can create a "dozens of in one" USB flash disk products. Now, of course, some products, such as MP3 playback, can be implemented by adding hardware.