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USB Flash Drive Tips
- Jun 22, 2017 -

To buy in the regular shopping malls or supermarkets USB flash drive products, choose a reputable brand, do not seek cheap cheap business in the channel to buy. Select the product carefully check the product packaging on the identification of information, select the logo information than the whole product, USB Flash Drive pay attention to product appearance and packaging and manual printing quality.

Second, in the purchase to take into account the USB flash drive capacity, speed, brand, price, service and other factors, according to the use of different purposes to buy different grades of products, USB Flash Drive while the proper preservation of shopping vouchers in order to quality problems can be effective Safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

USB flash drive is a USB interface without a physical drive of the micro-high-capacity mobile storage products, which uses the storage medium for flash memory (Flash Memory). USB flash drive does not require additional drivers, the drive and storage media into one, USB Flash Drive as long as the computer connected to the USB interface can be stored independently read and write data. USB flash drive is very small, only thumb-sized, very light weight, about 20 grams, especially for portable.

And U disk, full name USBUSB flash drive, the English name "USB flash disk". It is a USB interface using a physical drive without the need for micro-high-capacity mobile storage products, through the USB interface and computer connection, to achieve plug and play. U disk called the earliest from Netac technology production of a new storage device, called "USB", the use of USB interface to connect. U disk connected to the computer's USB interface, U disk information can be exchanged with the computer. And after the production of similar technology equipment because Netac has been patent registration, and can not be called "USB", and renamed homophonic "U disk." Later, U disk this call because of its easy to remember and thus widely known, USB Flash Drive is one of mobile storage devices.

USB flash drive, 6 well designed to subvert your knowledge! Scalable interface; carry video and other files; provide password protection; effective release space; expandable capacity; compatible with USB2.0.

USB flash drive can easily open and close the USB interface, while the interface will be effectively protected! It is so cool to open the way ~

USB flash drive up to 64GB of storage space, allowing you to safely and reliably carry photos, music and other files ~

The BUSB flash drive comes with a flash safety software that can easily protect your private or important files.