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USB Hub Is A USB Cable Splitter
- Oct 30, 2017 -

A USB hub is a device that expands a USB interface into multiple devices that can be used at the same time. USB hub is widely used in the field, can be used to connect the computer table lamp, computer fan, MP3, u disk, recording pen, digital camera and so on.

USB hub is an electronic accessory that expands the number of USB ports, it can extend the USB number of the computer, solves the problem that the computer USB interface is not enough, most USB hubs can extend a USB interface on the computer to 4-5 USB ports. This can greatly increase the number of available USB interfaces, USB Hub even if you want to use one of the storage devices to copy the data to the other three of storage devices, do not need to do two operations, only need to copy the data to the other three devices.

USB hub is a USB splitter, nothing big difference. USB hub (USB hub), a device that can extend a USB interface to multiple (typically 4), USB Hub and can make these interfaces available at the same time.

USB hub is divided into: active, passive, hybrid three kinds.

USB Hub Introduction:

1. A USB interface can be extended to 10 separate working USB interfaces.

2. Support USB1.0/1.1, USB Hub compatible with USB2.0, speeds up to 12mbps.

3. Using the second generation USB hub controller, each USB interface power supply up to 500ma.

4. Streamline ultra-thin design, USB Hub and have work indicator.

5. Built-in current overload short-circuit protection device.

6. The use of high-quality electronic devices to ensure stable operation.

7. No external power supply, easy to use.

8. Computer Automatic identification installation, without driver, Plug and Play, Plug and pull.

9. System support: WINDOWS98SE/ME/2000/XP, linux2.4andmac Os8.5 or above.

10. Transparent and stylish shape, USB Hub small and practical, easy to carry.