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USB Hubs Are Directly Connected To The Computer
- Oct 10, 2017 -

A USB hub is also called a USB hub, a device that can extend a USB interface to multiple (typically 4) and that can be used simultaneously by these interfaces. Put one end into the computer chassis or other power supply equipment, U disk, USB data cable and so on into the hub on the line.

USB hub is divided into: 1, active Type 2, passive 3, mixed type.

1, Active type: On the connected network media signal has the function of regeneration and amplification, can make the connected medium length to reach the maximum effective length, need to have power to work, at present most hub for this type.

2, Passive: Only acting as a connector, USB Hub it does not need power to work, the market has been rare.

3, Mixed type: Can connect many types of cable, like shaft and twisted pair.

USB hubs are sometimes integrated into other devices, such as the front end of a keyboard, monitor, printer, or computer chassis. In fact, when a computer host has multiple USB interfaces, they come from one or two main USB ports inside the motherboard, rather than independent hardware. Theoretically, a primary USB interface can connect up to 127 peripheral devices.

USB Hub Usage Method

1, USB hub is to provide extended communication equipment, if the hub in the external power supply can drive 2.5 inch mobile hard disk mainly see the expansion of the computer power supply capacity.

2, the general 2.5 inch mobile hard disk needs to be provided by the computer or the hub power supply, 3.5 inch mobile hard disk requires additional high-power power supply; USB Hub Please do not connect directly with this type of device.

3, without external power supply: A computer USB port to provide the current of about 500MA, only barely enough for a 2.5-inch mobile hard disk, and then after Usb-hub consumption part of the ordinary 2.5 inch mobile hard disk.

4, a lot of compatible with the front of the chassis USB port, USB Hub because more than a transfer, coupled with wire and other material problems, power supply capacity is more bad; very easy to cause the mobile hard drive can not use even lost data, damaged hard disk;

5, if your mobile hard drive "Da Da" sound, is due to insufficient power supply; For your mobile hard disk, it is recommended that the Usb-hub be connected to the motherboard on the back of the chassis to integrate the USB port to ensure better contact and power supply;

6, the use of mobile hard disk, please use the original USB power supply line, ordinary USB line, wire diameter, loss of large, USB Hub can not meet the power needs!

USB hub can connect computer table lamp, computer fan, MP3, u disk, recorder, digital camera, etc.

* A USB interface can be extended to a number of independent working USB interface, USB Hub each power supply up to 500MA

* Adopt second generation USB hub controller

* Directly connected to the computer without external power supply, USB Hub simple and easy to use

* Computer Automatic identification installation, no driver, Plug and Play, Plug and pull freely

* Support USB2.0, speed up to 480Mbps, backward USB1.1

* Built-in current overload short-circuit protection device

* System support: WIN95/98/ME/2000/XP, Linux2.4andMac Os8.5 or above