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USB Hubs Can Expand The Number Of Computers
- Aug 22, 2017 -

USB interface is the computer's most important data interface, it can achieve the computer and other electronic devices between the data conversion. But the computer's USB interface is limited, especially the notebook also need to occupy an interface as a mouse connection, and sometimes other devices on the data to another device will find the interface is not enough, USB Hub you need to do more Times the transmission, so that both a waste of time, but also trouble, therefore, USB hub also gave birth.

USB hub role: USB hub is an expansion of the number of interface electronic components, it can expand the number of computers to solve the problem of computer interface is not enough, most of the hub can be an interface on the computer extended to 4-5 USB interface, which can greatly increase the number of available USB interface, USB Hub even if you want to use one of the storage device in the data copied to the other three storage devices which do not need to be secondary operation, only one-time copy of the data to The other three devices can be.

Most of the USB hub is very easy to use, and its main interface is a standard USB interface, and its corresponding computer USB interface can be connected to complete the operation, if you want to copy the data and data, you can directly use The data line will connect the storage device and the interface above the hub, USB Hub this time the computer will automatically identify the storage device on the street hub, until the success of the read, you can store the relevant space and related content on the operation, The hub greatly facilitates the transfer of data and reduces the complexity of the operation.

USB hub, also known as USB Hub, used to expand the computer USB interface. USB Hub Computer motherboards often provide multiple USB interfaces, these interfaces are often through the motherboard on the USB hub chip to expand out. We usually use the device can be connected to multiple USB interface can be used as a USB hub.

USB hub is the USB splitter, nothing great difference between the USB hub (USB Hub), a USB interface can be extended to multiple (usually 4), USB Hub and can make these interfaces simultaneously use the device.

USB hub divided into: dynamic, passive, mixed three.

Active: the connection of the network media on the signal regeneration and amplification of the role of the length of the media can be connected to achieve the maximum effective length, USB Hub the need to have power to work, the current majority of HUB for this type.

Passive: only act as a connector, no power can work, the market has been rare.

Hybrid: You can connect multiple types of cables, USB Hub such as coaxial and twisted pair.