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USB Hubs Reduce Operational Complexity
- Jul 19, 2017 -

Interface is the most important data interface of computer, it can realize data conversion between computer and other electronic devices. But the computer's interface is limited, USB Hub especially the notebook also needs to occupy an interface as a mouse connection, sometimes when the data on other devices is transferred to another device, it will find that the number of interfaces is not enough, it is necessary to carry out multiple transmissions, which is a waste of time and trouble, so the USB hub is also born.

Its main interface is also a standard interface, it and the computer corresponding interface can be connected to complete operation, if you want to copy data and data, you can directly use the data cable to connect the storage device and USB hub above the interface, this time the computer will automatically identify the street USB hub storage devices, until the successful reading, you can be on the storage device related space and related content operations, USB hub greatly facilitates our data transfer, Reduces the complexity of operations.

A USB hub is also called a USB hub, a device that can extend a USB interface to multiple (typically 4) and that can be used simultaneously by these interfaces. Plug one end into the computer chassis or other power-supply equipment, u disk, USB data cable and other plug into the USB hub on the line.



USB hub, can even computer table lamp, computer fan, MP3, u disk, recording pen, digital camera and so on

* A USB interface can be extended to a number of independent working USB interface, each power supply up to 500MA

* Adopt second generation USB hub controller

* Directly connected to the computer without external power supply, simple and easy to use

* Computer Automatic identification installation, no driver, Plug and Play, Plug and pull freely

* Support USB2.0, speed up to 480Mbps, backward USB1.1

* Built-in current overload short-circuit protector

* System support: WIN95/98/ME/2000/XP, Linux2.4andMac Os8.5 or higher