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Wireless Speakers Are Ideal For Traveling While Traveling
- Jun 22, 2017 -

If you want music to do with you, go to the beach, park and anywhere, you need a wireless speaker. They use a durable design, and the battery life is long, suitable for travel to carry.

Wireless speakers, the user can use the voice command or through the 7-inch touch screen to control the speaker, and enable other AI devices.

Wireless Speaker It can also be used as a voice assistant for smart home appliances, allowing users to set up lighting modes, get weather forecasts and news, set alarms, play songs, and use other applications.

Wireless speaker. Whether it is user experience, Wireless Speaker easy connection with other products, or their own decorative, it is excellent. You can put this product in any position within the room, its unique technical design will be 360 degrees surround sound shock your hearing.

The BeoSound 1 with aluminum shell is lightweight, elegant and elegant, and is perfect for any indoor environment, Wireless Speaker adding a touch of sophistication and a little leisurely life. Bookshelves, floors, coffee tables, and even outdoor ... any area where you wish to enjoy music. Its shell surface is fine and delicate, conical body slightly off the ground, so that the bass unit issued by the shock bass from the bottom of the thin and out. The top of the product is slightly open to achieve better acoustics.

Using a close-range sensor, allowing users to intuitively and easily carry out the basic operation of the speaker, bringing pleasure control experience. When the sensor detects you, it will automatically turn the user interface to you, ready to receive the command. Rotate the wheel to adjust the volume, slide it at the top, and tap to execute other commands.